Kayaking with the Redmons – French Broad River Asheville, NC

One sunny warm day in March, we took off in our kayaks and headed down the French Broad River. We floated the section from Sandy Bottoms to the Transfer station. At least, that's what we natives call those locations. The area flows through the beautiful Biltmore Estate and we tried to get pics of the large house built by George Vanderbilt back in the day.

Check out the full 2-minute video by clicking here.

As new authors, the writing process mimics this float down the river - slow. The entire process from completion of a novel to the bookstore shelf can take years. However, when we truly love the process of writing and not just the outcome, the slow float gives us time to develop our writing skills, learn about social media and/or build up our platform.

Kayaking on the French Broad River

Some of my short stories and flash fiction pieces have been published and I hope my current work-in-progress follows the same route. Whatever God holds for me in the future, I'll praise him for all his blessings.

When He decides to bless my novel efforts, I plan to give away the first chapter for free in my newsletter, so sign up today and follow this new author's journey to publication. I also hope you enjoy the kayaking videos to come!