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  • The Daisy Game
    He loves me…he loves me not…he loves me! When life hits us hard, sometimes we play the Daisy game and question whether God loves us or not. But God doesn’t play games with His love. His word is clear. God loves us no matter who we are, where we’ve been, or what we’ve done. Nothing […]
  • Are you a Frogger too?
      I’m a job hopper. Some might say I change jobs more than Kim Kardashian changes her clothes, although that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Most people view job hopping as a negative trait, but most can agree that the days of staying with one company for your entire work life is almost […]
  • Diving Beneath the Surface with Lynn H. Blackburn
    She’s cute, bubbly and is learning to Scuba Dive! Who is she? Lynn H. Blackburn, my friend and mentor. This woman and published author runs a household with three children, homeschools her kids and finds the time to write and publish amazing books. Want to know how she does it?  Read her interview below: Q:  […]
  • Love Matt Czuchry!
    Love Matt Czuchry! Let’s talk about his new TV show on Jordyn Redwood‘s Medical Edge blog.
  • Radiation and Spiderman
    Thanks to Jordyn Redwood for allowing me to guest post on her Medical Edge blog. Check out my latest below!
  • Bowl of Soup, anyone?
    Nothing like a good bowl of tomato soup on a cold winter’s day. Maybe a little, grilled cheese on the side. But would we be willing to trade a gift of fortune, power, fame, and prestige for that bowl of soup? “Of course not,” we say. Are you sure? Esau was the oldest son of […]
  • Kardashian Style Ultrasounds on Reality TV
    Check out my new blog post on Jordyn Redwood’s Medical Edge Blog! Thank you, Jordyn, for this opportunity!  I appreciate you!
  • Captain America was almost right …
        Come on Captain America!  You were so close. The surgical defibrillation scene in Winter Soldier almost got the details correct. (Spoilers below) During one of the scenes, Fury is shot by the Winter Soldier. He is taken to surgery where the surgeon uses a defibrillator to shock his heart back into rhythm. Watch […]
  • 5 Tips for Writing ER Scenes
    The sitcom I was watching, showed the ultrasound of the baby. I could hear the heartbeat, but no rhythm was displayed on the screen. As a registered medical sonographer (not to be confused with a court stenographer), instructor of the profession and healthcare enthusiast, I’ve performed hundreds of fetal heart rates with ultrasound. When they’re […]
  • The Creeper Trail
    They call it “The Creeper Trail.” Sounds like a good name for my next Romance Suspense novel. 😉 People from miles around visit the attraction with the name derived from days when steam engines crept through the amazing wooded scenery of Abingdon, Virginia into the Iron Mountains. Or perhaps, the moniker came from the plant called […]